2004 Spring Garden 909 Baylor Dr., Newark, DE

Andreas Muenchow, University of Delaware

Foam flowers (bottom left), kurume azalea, monkhood, and a Japanese painted fern in the wayback (very shady here all the time).
Foam flowers, japanese fern, azalea, and oakleaf hydrangea
Klondike Azalea
Klondike azalea.
Okonee Azalea
Mary Ann's favorite lilac.
The Delaware azalea that I transplanted in 2001 from the front of the house to this better spot.
Mountain laurel in forground and foam flowers in the background.
This view is from the curb, I don't know the blue wild flower (ajuga?) that I did not plant, kurume azalea (red) and pile of seasoning firewood from a locust tree felled the across the street a prior year.
This is the north-west side of the garden, it's still very much work in progress.
Mary Ann started this garden under a huge tulip tree, the rasberries are to the left, the red currants to the right. This is the west-side of the house.
I started this columbine from seeds a few years prior.
I love the delicate and elegant shape of this Rocky Mountain Columbine.
My second Klondike azalea to balance a slightly older one.
The "original" Klondike azalea that I got late Nov. from a nursery that had almost written it off. It loves this spot. The white Delaware azalea in the background.
One of the many wild ferns. Size depends on location only, there are everywhere ... not as big as this one, though.
The backyard, my daily walk to the compost to dump my coffee grounds.
The two Klondike azaleas.
A close-up of the Klondike's flowers.