Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study

("Nares Strait, Greenland", "Spring 2004") up
Andreas Münchow, University of Delaware 17 Jan 2005

Hans Island in the center of the ice covered Nares Strait; Ellesmere Island is in the background.

Northern Greenland, ice-covered Nares Strait is to the right, view is to the south.

Searching for a landing site to investigate "camping" site for mooring recovery in 2005.

Northern Greenland with ice-covered Kennedy Channel, view is to the north.

The Twin-Otter found a spot on Greenland near Kennedy Channel.

Crozier Island in Kennedy Channel as viewed from Greenland, Ellesmere Island in the background is about 40-km away.

View from Greenland across Kennedy Channel towards Ellesmere Island on the horizon, view is to the north-west.

The Twin-Otter to the right on Greenland, Kennedy Channel to the left, view is to the north-west.

Not much vegetation here ...

Hey, I see some reddish lichens in the foreground!

Kelly all alone taking pictures in polar bear country, Greenland.

Will this become our 2-month camping site in the spring of 2005?

View to the north-west from Greenland across Kennedy Channel towards northern Ellesmere Island, Canada.

Under this ice-covered southern Kennedy Channel we have 17 moorings hopefully recoding currents, salinity, temperature, and ice thickness.

Twin-Otter getting ready to head back home ...

People taking hikes in different directions heading towards the icecap of Greenland blinking in the background.

The valley of the ...

Gravel of Greenland in the spring.

Almost at sea level looking down the valley towards Kennedy Channel, Ellesmere Island in the background.

Ridge ice off Greenland with Ellesmere Island in the background?

Crozier Island to the left?

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