Baffin Bay CTD/ADCP profiling July-2003

Andreas Muenchow, University of Delaware

Baffin Bay CTD trace.
Drs. Humfrey Melling and Kelly Falkner taking a CTD and hydrocast in Baffin Bay.
Check, bottle fired.
The "CTD bus" in the aft control of the USCGC Healy.
The 24-rosette with CTD package.
Baffin Island near 72N latitude.
Iceberg drifting southward along Baffin Island in the background to the right.
Yup, that's our ship and home for 6 weeks.
View from the bridge.
... and another CTD rosette deployment.
Nova Zembla Island off the coast of northern Baffin Island.
Nova Zembla Island as sen from above the helicopter deck on USCGC Healy.
Viewing south-west towards Cape Adair, helicopter deck and aft A-frame in the foreground.
Coastal oceanography at its best.
... and another view while working on a CTD section across the Baffin Island Current.
Baffin Island glaciers.
... solitary icebergs are always near off Baffin Island drifting south.
Moving inshore towards Nova Zembla Island.
David Huntley assembling ADCP moorings for later deployment.
Attaching battery cases and acoustic releases to the ADCP mooring systems.
Baffin Island glaciers, view is towards the north-west.
More profiling using the underway ADCP to measure the coastal flow off Baffin Island.
Can't get enough of Nova Zembla Island.