Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study

("Barrow, Alaska", "Fall 2003") up
Andreas Münchow, University of Delaware 17 Jan 2005

Living quarters at NARL.

Last minute shopping in Barrow, Alaska.

"Main Street" heading towards the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, Alaska.

Walking down towards the shore in Barrow, Alaska.

Well, no surfers here ...

A moveable boat ramp?

The dunes of Barrow, Alaska; view is to the north.

Arctic surf during a stroll on the beach of Barrow, Alaska.

Summer in the Chukchi Sea.

View south along the Barrow coastline.

Coastal defences of Barrow, Alaska: man-made sand berms.

Coastal defences of Barrow, the equippment.

Heading back from the beach into town.

My favorite picture of Barrow, it encapsulates both modern and "traditional" cultures.

Scientists as tourists in Barrow, Alaska.

Another scene of the "traditional" and "modern" lifestyles merging in Barrow.

Dog sleds and modified cargo boxes.

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