Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study

("Scoresby Bay, Ellesmere Island", "Summer 2003") up
Andreas Münchow, University of Delaware 18 Jan 2005

View from the zodiak adjacent to the USCGC Healy.

Aboard the zodiak: Lauren Brown, University of Delaware, physics.

USCGC Healy on anchor in Scoresby Bay off Ellesmere Island.

Friends taking pictures.

Scoresby Bay, Canada.

Shallow water inside the fjord.

Lauren Brown in Mustang suit.

Lifting clouds off Ellesmere Island.

Fresh snow in the summer on Ellesmere Island.

Peaceful wilderness (subject to rapid change).

Multi-year ice inside Scoresby Bay.

If I only knew the name of this mountain on Ellesmere Island.

Birds and sedimaentary rock of Scoresby Bay.

What made these birds change direction? Well, probably the zodiak loaded with scientists.

Approaching the site for deployment of a tide gauge.

Bottom dwellers in the shallow headwater of Scoresby Bay.

Lauren Brown with diving gear.

Deployment of the tide gauge off Ellesmere Island.

Dr. Humfrey Melling and Ms. Helga Schaffrin thinking.

Dr. Humfrey Melling during deployment of tide gauge at the head of Scoresby Bay.

Helicopter checking on zodiak and mooring deployment operations.

The USCGC Healy's helicopter surveying coastal Ellesmere Island.

The zodiak as seen from a landing party.

A happy University of Delaware physicist-in-training.

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