MAST-811 2019 Time Series Analysis
Andreas Muenchow


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Meetings: TueThu 09:30-10:45 in 105 Robinson Hall

Instructor: Andreas Münchow

Goal: Provide each student with a set of tools to confidently handle data analysis tasks in both time (space) and frequency (wave number) domains.

Format: This is a traditional lecture style course, however, most learning will take place via a set of computer projects that translate lecture materials into tested code.


Expectations: Each student shall be able to develop, apply, and critically evaluate

Grading: 80% for problem-based projects, 10% homeworks, 10% individual in-class participation

Exam: None, but I may use occasional quizzes related to prior lectures (always open book).

Old News:

  • NEWS Sept.-26: Lanczos Fortran Code posted along with 1 selected plot.
  • NEWS Sept.-19: Fortran Code posted along with 4 selected plots.
  • NEWS Sept.-17: New Homework posted, due Sept.-26
  • NEWS Sept.-17: Class starts at 09:30 from Sept.-19 onward
  • Aug.-29: Class starts at 09:00 from Sept.-3 to Sept.-17 to make up for No-CLASS on Oct.-8 and Oct.-10

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