MAST-882 POSE Seminar

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NEWS --> May-3: Listed last (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (James)
NEWS --> May-3: Listed seventh (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (Hua)

Meetings: Thursday 9:30-10:30 in 203 Robinson Hall
Instructor: Andreas Münchow

Objectives: The course constitutes a step towards mastery in public speaking. Students will practice to critically evaluate, discuss, and assess scientific information.

Grading: 60% presentation (#1 and #2 below), 40% in-class participation (#3 and #4 below).

Expectations: Each student shall
1. give three presentations (10/45/5 minutes) on current research topic and assigned paper and relevant background material
2. act as the discussion leader during his/her presentations
3. read the assigned paper and submit at least three questions to the instructor PRIOR to class
4. speak up in class, ask questions, and actively participate in discussing material

Old News: Apr.-13: Listed sixth (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (Berit)
Apr.-4: Listed fifth (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (Jakob)
Apr.-4: Listed fourth (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (Felipe)
Apr.-3: Listed third (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper (Ana)
Mar.-15: Listed second (.pdf) 45-min talk/paper
Feb.-28: Listed first 45-min talk/paper
Feb.-14: Abstracts for 10-min talks due Fri, Feb.-17
Feb.-14: Posted Abstract-1
Feb.-9: Posted class schedule
Feb.-9: No class Feb-23 and Mar-2 (make-up dates Mar.9/10 8-9am)

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