2004 Spring Garden 909 Baylor Dr., Newark, DE

Andreas Muenchow, University of Delaware

The walkway past the garage, bedrooms are upstairs.
Japanese Tree Peony "Chojuraku"
Deciduous azalea 'Klondike'
Klondike with Delaware Valley in background
Oconee Azalea, Rhododendron flammeum, a native American azalea.
Oconee Azalea, R. flammeum (red forground) and Delaware azalea (whte (in the background to the right.
Oconee Azalea, R. flammeum
Oconee Azalea, R. flammeum in front of my Red Currants.
Delaware Valley Azalea (white) the yellow/orange Klondike azalea to right of it.
Tree Peony
The only problem  with these is that they flower for only a week or less.
Foam flower, moss, and rock pile
'Strawberry Ice' azalea with digitales in foreground. The window is that of our living room.
We've got lots of shade, so these ... always do well.
Azalea Exbure 'Strawberry Ice'
Azalea Exbure 'Straberry Ice'
New bed 2004, the kurume azaleas have not yet adjusted to their new location.
Foam flower with fern and azalea at house's corner
Foam flowers, mountain laurels, azaleas, and lilies at corner
asperula odorata (sweet woodruff, waldmeister). Red rasberiies in the background perhaps a foot high. So far, the summer of 2004 was our best rasberry year. Mary Ann had a bowl of berrys almost every for over 2 months.
Okonee, Klonkike, and Delaware Valley azaleas
One of Mary Ann's lilacs; rain-catching barrel in the background collecting run-off from the roof.
Lilac with our garden picnic area in the background.
Our backdorr into the garden. These ferns run wild and rampant all over our garden.