Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study

("Kennedy Channel 1, Greenland", "Summer 2003") up
Andreas Münchow, University of Delaware 17 Jan 2005

Starting the first ADCP section across Kennedy Channel from Ellesmere Island.

The fog is thick off Ellesmere only, clear air off Greenland a little later.

Remnants of icy bits.

View towards the south-west as the USCGC cutter steams towards Greenland in the east.

Greenland in the background, notice that we are moving out of the fog.

ADCP urrent meter moorings lay at the ready to be deployed on this section after this initial survey of currents (ADCP) and bottom (SeaBeam).

A closeup of moorings assembled ready for deployment on the aft-deck of the USCGC Healy.

Greenland, we will need to cut through the patch of ice to reach our waypoint and first mooring deployment location.

View of Crozier and Franklin Island in Kennedy Channel with Greenland in the background, view is to the north-east.

Franklin Island off Greenland, notice the thick ice center-right that probably originates from Peterman glacier to the north.

Entering a "patch" of multi-year ice off Greenland to reach our first mooring deployment site.

Cutting through tne ice, ADCP moorings ready for deployment.

Yikes, the hull-mounted ADCP of the USCGC Healy is still on and collecting good data!

Multi-year ice as we are approaching Greenland at the southern entrance of Kennedy Channel.

Crozier Island with Petermann glacier ice; ADCP transducers and anchor chains litter the aft-deck of the USCGC Healy.

Tryng to reach our deployment location ...

Crozier Island off Greenland, thick Petermann ice along with multi-year ice entering Kennedy Channel from Kane Basin in the south.

Multi-year ice breaking.

Breaking ice 2 ...

Breaking ice 3 ...

Breaking ice 4 ...

Breaking ice 5 ...

Breaking ice 6 ...

Breaking ice 7 ...

Eight ADCP moorings ready for deployment.

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