Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study

("Kennedy Channel 1, Greenland", "Summer 2003") up
Andreas Münchow, University of Delaware 17 Jan 2005

This is where we need to deploy ...

The author, Andreas Muenchow during an ADCP profiling section across Kennedy Channel; Greenland in the background.

This guy needs a shower and a shave and some sleep ...

A tired and excited UDel scientist, Andreas Muenchow.

Crozier and Franklin Island off Greenland to the north.

Note the ice behind the islands in Kennedy Channel.

Ah, finally we reached the coast of Greenland (Cape Jefferson) and our first mooring location; view is into Kane Basin in the south-east; it's also our first CT/CTD mooring site.

Last minute preparations for deployment of the first mooring.

David Huntley (UDel) directing movement of anchor chains for mooring deployment.

This is the anchor weight for a single, light CT/CTD mooring.

Now everone is getting ready to deploy our first mooring; Kap Jefferson in the background.

MST1 Cullen, LT1 Robertson, Peter Gamble, and David Huntley review deployment procedures.

Early morning off Greenland just prior to the first mooring deployment off Greenland; the water here are melt ponds on multi-year ice.

Trying to find a good spot for deployment amidst very thick multi-year ice that keeps moving north from Kane Basin.

Yikes, not much to do except watch the ship maneuver ...

Deep blue ice indicates much compressed, hard, multi-year ice.

An opening?

Clear water to the north, but that's not where we need the mooring to go.

View is to the north-east, cloudcover is about 2000 feet.

This is what we need to deploy.

A ray of sun touches Crozier island.

Marine Science Technician First Class Bridget Cullen,; David Huntley assists.

David Huntley secures the ADCP mooring to be moved for deployment in an open patch of water in very thick ice; the view is into Kane Basin in the south.

The first of eight ADCP moorings is being deployed over the aft-deck of the USCGC Healy.

There she comes down slowly, anchor first. This is the ice-free season in Kennedy Channel.

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