Icon Andreas Muenchow Talks and Poster Presentations
Andreas Muenchow
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
University of Delaware
12/2017: 14-MB .pdf AGU Poster "Shelf-Basin exchange over the Chukchi Slope 2003/04 vs 2016/17"
12/2017: 5-MB .pdf AGU Poster "Ocean temperature over the slope of the Chukchi Sea from 2016/17 ocean moorings"
12/2013: 10-MB .pdf Invited Talk "Arctic Coastal Processes and Climate Change "
7/2013: 40-MB .ppt Conference Poster "Coastal Circulation and Dynamics of Straits and Fjords off North Greenland"
1/2013: 0.1-MB .pdf Davos Talk Decadal variability of Petermann Gletscher, NW Greenland from observations of ice, ocean, and atmosphere
4/2008: 10-MB .ppt Departmental Seminar "Moored current observations from Nares Strait"
2/2008: 9.5-MB .ppt Nares Strait Workshop "Coastal Processes and global climate change"
11/2006: 5-MB .ppt ASOF West Workshop "No title: Workshop = Work-in-Progress"
10/2006: 22MB .ppt OSU PO Seminar "Coastal Physical Oceanography of Relevance to Global Climate Change"
2/2006: 3MB .ppt Winter-06 OSM "Arctic Boundary Currents over the Chukchi and Beaufort Slope Seas"
6/2005: 31MB .pdf FWI PI Mtg. "The Ellesmere Island Coastal Current: Spatial Scales of Freshwater Fluxes in Nares Strait"
3/2005: 14MB .ppt pers. comm. "Coastal Processes and Climate Change"
3/2005: 3MB .ppt SBI PI Mtg. "Vagarities of Velocity Variations"
12/2004: 2MB .ppt Fall-04 AGU "Observed 80-years of Climate Change ..."
12/2004: 6MB .ppt Fall-04 AGU "Do physical oceanographers care ..."
12/2004: 31MB .pdf Fall-04 AGU The West Greenland and Ellesmere Coastal Currents: Spatial Scales of freshwater fluxes in Nares Strait
1/2004: 5MB .ppt Winter-04 OSM Flow estimates through the Canadian Archipelago from synoptic ADCP surveys
1/2004: 26MB .pdf Winter-04 OSM Evolution of a "poleward" undercurrent over the slope of Arctic Alaska