MAST-602 Introduction to Physical Oceanography

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Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:45 in 105 Robinson Hall (Newark) and 203 Cannon Lab (Lewes)

NEWS 12/18: Final Exam posted

NEWS 12/4: Final Exam Dec.-18, 2008, 10:30am 105 Robinson and 203 Cannon
NEWS 12/4: Practice Final Exam

Instructor: Andreas Münchow

Objectives: The course introduces basic concepts and ideas of the physics applied to the ocean that the students shall be able to apply in inter-disciplinary settings.

Format: We will use a number of active learning methods with a strong focus on working in teams to approach solutions to open-ended problems in physical oceanography ("problem-based learning"). This will include writing and presentation of proposed solutions to such problems. The instructor will give short, introductory lectures, but this will NOT be a traditional lecture style course.


Expectations: Each student shall
1. contribute substantially to problem-base group projects;
2. present ideas, concepts, questions, and findings to the public;
3. research, write, edit findings from problem-based projects;
4. demonstrate individual mastery of basic concepts and ideas of physical oceanography.

Grading: 60% for 3 problem-based projects (5% individual; 15% team each), 5% Wiki content, 20% individual exam, 5% team exam.

Exam: Will draw on both projects and the FAQ that the class will answer collectively on the Class Wiki

Old News:
12/4: Ocean Circulation Dynamics Lecture
12/2: Ekman Pumping Lecture
11/17: Questions to Expert witness Dr. Kirwan
11/14: Expert witness Dr. Kirwan Nov.-18, questions due Nov.-16
11/05: Friend of the Court files Amici Curiae
10/28: Plastics: 1. The Problem | and the task
10/22: One possible solution (1 MB .pdf) to Rossby Wave Exercise
10/16: Posted Lecture on tides-2 4 MB .pdf
10/13: Tides Exercise/Tutorial
10/13: Posted Lecture on tides-1 4 MB .pdf
10/6: Posted Mini-Lecture on waves #2 3 MB .pdf
10/2: Posted Wave Practical-1 36KB .pdf using this site of Prof. Dalrymple. (Class e-mail 37KB .pdf)

9/30: Posted Lecture on waves #1 7 MB .pdf
9/30: Team Sarragasso Project-1 Report 0.08 MB .pdf
9/30: Team Bee Project-1 Report 0.13 MB .pdf
9/16: Posted Study Guide Questions on Equation of Motion
9/15: Posted new assigment Galveston, TX vs Lewes, DE

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