MAST-602 Introduction to Physical Oceanography

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Peeting time is Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:15 in 206 Robinson

Date: Mini-lecture Topic/Work Deliverables
--------- ----------- -------------- ---------------------
Sept.-4: Preliminaries STD1: Storms, Tides, Disaster Force Concept Inventory*
Sept.-9: Fluxes .ppt group break-out
Sept-11: group break-out
Sept.-16: Predictions .ppt STD2: Ike, Galveston, TX
Sept.-18: .ppt Lecture Equations of Motion Study Guide Questions
Sept.-23: group break-out Draft presentation
Sept.-25: Lewes Brief Visitor Student Presentations
--------- ----------- -------------- ---------------------
Sept.-30: .ppt Lecture Waves Study Guide Questions
Oct.-2: Wave Practical: Task-1 | Task-2 Draft Data
Oct.-7: Waves3 .ppt (3MB) Student Presentations/Abstracts
Oct.-9: Wave Dispersion Discussion Final Reports
Oct.-14: .ppt Lecture Tides-1 Study Guide Questions
Oct.-16: .ppt Lecture Tides-2 Study Guide Questions
Oct.-21: Rossby Wave Exercise
--------- ----------- -------------- ---------------------
Oct.-22: .pdf Discussion Dispersion and Scales of Rossby Waves PP-1: Physics and Plastics
Oct.-28: Great Pacific Garbage Patch PP-2: The Law Suit
Oct.-30: Law Suit PP-3: The Press Release
Nov.-6: Amici Curiae Pre-trial Hearing Plaintiff
Nov.-11: Pre-trial Hearing Defense
Nov.-13: Trial preparations
Nov.-18: Dr. Kirwan Expert witness Questions due Nov.-16
Nov.-20: Trial Arguments
Nov.-25: Trial Arguments
--------- ----------- -------------- ---------------------
Dec.-2: .ppt Lecture Ekman Dynamics and Pumping
Dec.-4: .ppt Lecture General Circulation and Vorticity Homework
Dec.-9: Discussion Class Review Practice Exam
Dec.-18: Final Exam Exam

(*) not graded

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