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Andreas Muenchow
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
University of Delaware

University of Delaware 2000-present:
NSF2016-19 $360,488 Glacier-Ocean interactions at a Greenland ice shelf at tidal to interannual time scales, PI
NASA2015-16 $64,957 Ocean observations below Petermann Gletscher, PI
JPL2015-16 $59,478 Analysis of hydrographic data from Petermann Fjord and Nares Strait, PI
ONR2015-18 $1,000,000 Shelf-Basin acoustics, noise, and oceanography, Co-PI
ONR2015-18 $297,000 Oceanographic instrumentation for shelf-slope Arctic acoustical oceanography, Co-PI
NSF2013-14 $172,713 Shelf-Basin Exchange near 79 Glacier and Zachariae Isstrom, North-East Greenland, PI
NSF2014-18 $999,520 Acoustic Sensor Networks for Ice-Covered Seas, PI
NSF2010-14 $810,544 Dynamics and Forcing of Nares Strait from 2003 to 2009: Interannual Variability to the West of Greenland, PI
NSF2003-08 $2,052,911 Collaborative research: Variability and Forcing of Fluxes through Nares Strait and Jones Sound, a Freshwater Emphasis, PI
NSF2002-06 $215,365 Collaborative research: CTD/Hydrographic and underway service measurements for the Shelf-Basin Interaction phase II field project, PI
NSF2000-02 $285,659 Coastal upwelling circulation on a wide shelf, Co-PI
ONR2000-01 $32,001 Cross-shelf exchange on the outer Chukchi shelf and Barrow Canyon, PI

Rutgers University, 1994-2000
ONR1998-00 $83,759 AASERT: Modelling Exchange processes near wide Arctic canyons, PI
ONR1997-00 $89,677 Exchange processes near wide Arctic canyons, PI
NSF1997-99 $182,417 The outflow of fresh water from the Canadian Archipelago: Synoptic currents, hydrography, and long term forcing, PI
NSF1996-99 $518,956 Coastal upwelling circulation on a wide shelf: An observational study, PI
ONR1995-97 $120,070 Dynamics of wind and buoyancy forced motions on the Beaufort Shelf, PI
ONR1995-97 $179,250 Lagrangian flow field observations of the East Siberian Coastal Current, PI
ONR1995-97 $62,112 Slope currents near the shelf break of the East Siberian and Chukchi Seas, PI
ONR1995 $100,000 Model-data intercomparison in the western Arctic, Co-PI

Scripps Institution of Oceanography 1992-1994
ONR1995 $144,745 Purchase of a towed acoustic Doppler current profiler, Co-PI
ONR1993-95 $125,765 Dynamics over Arctic Canyons, PI