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Andreas Muenchow
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
University of Delaware

Publications (Sept. 7, 2015)

Early Writings

Münchow, A. et al.: Interannual change of ocan hydrography and ice cover near Petermann Fjord, North Greenland 2003 to 2012. [Mar.-2015]

Münchow, A. et al.: Arctic sea level variations in Nares Strait 2003-12. [Feb.-2015]

Münchow, A. et al.: Seasonal and interannual air, ice, and ocean temperature variations in Nares Strait, north-west Greenland. [Jul.-2014]


34. Shroyer, E.L., R.M. Samelson, L. Padman, and A. Münchow: Modeled ocean circulation in Nares Strait and its dependence on land-fast ice cover, J. Geophys. Res., 54pp, re-submitted July, 2015. .pdf


  • 2011-present

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  • 2006-2010

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  • 2001-2005

  • 17. Yankovsky, A.E., B.M. Hickey, and A. Münchow: The impact of variable inflow on the dynamics of a coastal buoyant plume. J. GEOPHYS. RES., 106, 19809-19824, 2001. pdf

  • 1996-2000

  • 16. Yankovsky, A.E., R.W. Garvine, and A. Münchow: Meso-scale currents on the inner New Jersey shelf driven by the interaction of buoyancy and wind forcing. J. PHYS. OCEANOGR., 30, 2214-2230, 2000. pdf

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  • 1991-1995

  • 7. Münchow, A., C.S. Coughran, M.C. Hendershott, and C.W. Winant: Performance and calibration of an acoustic Doppler current profiler towed below the surface. J. ATMOS. OCEAN. TECH., 12, 435-444, 1995. pdf

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    Other Works

  • Münchow, A., 1992: The formation of a buoyancy driven coastal current. PhD dissertation, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 220pp. .pdf (4.3MB)