Outline MAST-806 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Andreas Muenchow

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(50-min class periods on topic)

1. Fundamentals
Chapt.-1 Introduction (2)
Chapt.-2 Coriolis "Force" (2)
Chapt.-3 Governing equations (3)

2. Rotation effects
Chapt.-4 Geostrophic flow and vorticity dynamics (4)
Chapt.-6 Linear barotropic waves (8)
Mid-term on Rossby Waves (1)
Chapt.-5 Ekman layer (3)
Chapt.-8 Large-scale ocean circulation (2)
Chapt.-7 Barotropic instability (1)

3. Combination of rotation and stratification
Chapt.-9 Stratification | Compressible fluids (2)
Chapt.-13 Stratified geostrophic dynamics (3)
Chapt.-15 Quasi-geostrophic dynamics (5)

4. Special topics (student presentations)
Dec.-2 --> Smith, P.C., 1976: Baroclinic instability in the Denmark Strait overflow. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 6, 355-371. (James+Emily Study guide questions)

Dec.-5 --> Kinder, T., D.C. Chapman, and J.A. Whitehead, 1986: Westward intensification of the mean circulation on the Bering Sea shelf. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 16, 1217-1229. (Felipe+Berit Study guide questions)

Dec.-6 --> McCreary, J.P., 1983: A model of tropical ocean-atmosphere interaction. Month. Weath. Rev., 111, 370-387. (Elsa+Andreas Study guide questions)

Chapt.-10 Internal waves
Chapt.-11 Turbulence
Chapt.-12 Layered models
Chapt.-14 Upwelling
Chapt.-16 Baroclinic instability
Chapt.-17 Fronts, jets, and vortices
Chapt.-18 Climate dynamics
Chapt.-19 Equatorial dynamics
Appendix Wave kinematics

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